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Instruction: rust phenomenon for smelting??processing??usage on stainless steel. To improve anticorrosive performance on stainless steel, adopt pickling and passivation method in production and processing.At present, many manufacturers adopt pickling
Performance??latest chemicals for low-nickel stainless steel(201??202??300??301??430?? 409), made of passivation agent??active agent??antirust agent,applied for passivation treatment with low-nickel stainless steel without pickling effect. Obviously
For oxidation in heat processing, use pickling & passivation treatment(welding??casting??heat bending??heat pressure)??form passivation layer on surface to obtain best anticorrosive state,prolong using life on euqipments.It's a new material to combi
Performance:adopting imported patent technique,strongly remove black oxidation on surface of heat-pressure seal??transparent??no cumbustion??low corrosion,fast cleaning(30 minutes or so)??thorough elimination,simple operation,good effect(silvery whit
Purpose:applied for pickling and passivation for welded joint of stainless steel,remove oxidation to keep passivation state,improve surface quality for strong anticorrosion,prolong using life.
Adopting high-stable materia, it's white??stable agent with indissolubility??nondeposition??nonsulphide??chlorine-ion control??remove black residue/oxidation in welded seam of stainless steel,no corrosion on metal.
Performance:adopting import patent technique??strongly remove oxidation on stainless-steel surface??no color, no combustion, low corrosion,adhesive,fast cleaning(10~15 minutes), no corrosion on metal.
Stainless steel has good anticorrosion and beautiful appearance. It's widely applied for food??chemistry??paper??power??shipbuilding(chemical oil tanker). It easily bring about rusted spot??welded spot in electric welding cut??bending??welding,which
Adopting Chemical polishing agent from Japan??remove away 0.005mm raised surface(Ra??0.05) on stainless steel through soaking methods,i.e.tiny burr??raw edge??acute angle. Its polishing capacity can obtain mirror level
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