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Welded Antisplashed Agent


It's a new product on internationally advanced technique,which is beyond foreign product in the same trade. It can prevent from splashing oxidation on welded operation with liquid state.For high temperature,it's specialized welded chemical on material.

????1, Feature
It's a high-tech product with environmental protection. Put on market, it's widely applied for welded industry.


????1.1 Spray or brush on welded residue on splashed place,i.e.form isolating film on surface of welded material; resist the contract between welded residue and welded material; avoid to the adhesion, peeling off on welded residue automatically. ???1

????1.2 Avoid to shovel, grinding procedure after weld,degrade larbor intensity,improve labor condition, avoid to welded-residue damage on workers,no effect on phosphorization and coating. ???6

????1.3 solution, innocuity, tasteless, no corrosion, no pollution, safe & reliable usage ???9

????1.4 even spraying or brushing, no effect on welded quality,simple operation, time & labor saving.

????2, Applied Range
????ied for arc welding and protective welding on carbon dioxide gas; better effect on splashing resistance from welded residue of carbon steel and stainless steel. ???6

????3, Using Method
??Spray or brush on both welded lines of metal surface,weld after drying;no breaking spraying layer, weld after a while ???8

????4, Package and Storage
????Plastic-barrel package; put in shady place; 3 years on storage term ???1