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Bright Clean Oil for Stainless Steel


Surface treatment, antiduct, protection, antipollution Using in bright board material for stainless steel,such as stainless-steel decoration, kitchen equipment, dry equipment, medicine equipment, mental, titanium alloy, plastic, stone material, wood products, painting surface.After treatment,oil structure can keep true qualities for long time with brightness and cleaning,enhancing affixations value. 1.Oil liquid,mainly applied for stainless steel material and products,safe, innocuity,convenient usage,dust adhesion, easy scrub,keep surface clean, bright, luster on stainless-steel surface. 2.Remove oil dirt, glue, fingerprint, rusting mark(bright clean agent for stainless steel),then direct coating on dirt,prevent dirt(gas) to pollute stainless-steel surface. 3.Using Method:directly coating on clean rags, or spray on stainless-steel surface with repeated cleaning,also applied for the soaking from small accessories. 4.No oil on stainless-steel surface after treatment 5.Packing Storage: Avoid to light and hear storage plastic barrel,strictly prohibit upside-down transport,more than one year on storage term. After stainless-steel surface,wipe up,spay on the whole surface evenly; form a layer of film on surface, prevent from oxidation and corrosion, 6 months in normal situation.