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Pickling & Passivation Solution for Stainless Steel


For oxidation in heat processing, use pickling & passivation treatment(welding, casting, heat bending, heat pressure); form passivation layer on surface to obtain best anticorrosive state,prolong using life on euqipments.It's a new material to combine pickling and passivation into one process. It can obtain more than 72 hours on salt mist of stainless steel; applied for soaking for accessories. ???8

It's new liquid material with oxidation removal and stainless-steel passivation, equal to pickling passivation agent of stainless steel. Get rid of black residue or oxidation in welded seam to make it bright without corrosion on metal.It's used in any condition with simple operation and reduced labour.It's safe and convenient for large equipment, on-the-spot installation, heterogeneous metal welding. No need of special equipment and place,heat equipment and power,proficient worker.So it may save labour, time, energy. ???9

Main Purpose:
Widely applied for chemcial industry, pressure vessel, engineering components, small fittings of stainless steel, nonstandard parts, stainless steel pipe,such as foods, printing, dyeing, aviation, oxidation removal.It has obvious features:improving appearance and anticorrosion on stainless steel,small-large area cleaning, no smog, outdoors & indoors operation,brush cleaning, spray cleaning, soaking, best soaking effect,antirust on stainless steel,silver white surface,best anticorrosive state,long life. It can obtain over 72 hours on salt-mist test.




Using Method:
Direct soaking in pickling slot,put stainless steel into pickling & passivation solution, better effect for heated solution(generally 20-40 minutes soaking),such as prolong soaking time for thicker oxidation, more wind and oxygen for the containers without enough wind, wearing protective tool.Prolong time for higher passivation performance; firslty remove oil for more oil dirt on surface to improve effect and prolong using life for stainless steel.

For large equipments,brush rusted place with rags or brush continually,after 20 minute or so,brush it with cotton yarn and nylon brush,finally wash it with water.




1, Not applied for electroplated nickel, chrome, luminant panel after scraping on stainless steel..
2, Avoid to direct contact with skin, wash it with much water if skin contact
3, Stainless steel or plastic products for container .
4, Storage in cool, dry, ventilated place.


201, 202, 209, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, 316, 317, 318, 320, 329, 2253
321, 347, 384, 385, XM7, 631, 661, 670, 671, 680, 685, 690. ???1

Waste-water Treatment:
For environmal protection,put emmission acid solution into pool,after cleaning stainless-steel surface; then neutralize it by lime, soda, sodium hydroxide at 7~8 PH. ???3