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Pickling Passivation Agent for Stainless Steel WQ??600


Stainless steel has good anticorrosion and beautiful appearance. It's widely applied for food, chemistry, paper, power, shipbuilding(chemical oil tanker). It easily bring about rusted spot, welded spot in electric welding cut, bending, welding,which affects appearance and increases corrosion. Generally adopting fluorine nitric acid as pickling agent to clean,easily bring about black spot on surface.Pickling is the last step in processing stainless steel.So pickling agent is in great demand,which is easily operated,evenly treat surface without destroyed surface of stainless steel.


Product Instruction ???7

Import foreign technique,equal to MQ-500, AVESTA, S-WELD H-500 SR-600 agent.No corrosion in 24 hours,remove acidification substance to derusting effect. ???6

1 , Performance:
1??Pasty matter,applied for welded seam in room temperature,oxidation removal in high temperature. ???8

2?? Stable adhesion,simple operation,dope to vertical & downwards surface.


3??Add to pickling retardant-corrosion agent,no corrosion on stainless steel,no coating damage. ???8

4??Better rinsing performance ???2

2 , Applicable Range: ???7

Black welded spot, oxidation, surface treatment after stainless-steel welding ???4

3 , Applicable Material:
1Cr18Ni9, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni9Mo2Ti,similar as SUS304, 321, 316, 347 from Japan and America.


4 , Using Method:

1??dipping in brush or cloth,coating in surface and welded spot,0.5~1mm thickness
2??scrub in 20 minutes(low temperature,prolong treatment time for thick oxidation)
3??Wash with water finally. ???1

5 , Notice:
1??Corrosion,wash with water for skin contact. .
2??Emission before treating waste liquid
3??Stored in cool, ventilated place
4??Only applied for industry ???2