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Antirusting Agent for Stainless Steel


Introduction Performance:develop new chemicals for stainless steel mainly for low-nickel stainless steel(201, 202, 300, 301); composed of passivation agent, retardant corrosive agent, active agent, antirusing agent; applied for antirusting treatment for low-nickel stainless steel, obviously enhance antirusting performance, prolong antirusting time for stainless steel.. Feature:No. 1 and No. 2 of anitrusting agent, soaking, convenient usage. Usage:1, Three treatment slots:need aniacid for No.1 slot in No.1 antirusting agent, No.2 antirusting agent for antialkaline slot, water in No.3 slot; determined on concrete dimension and quantity according to treatment material. 2, Compounding working solution: No.1 slot, compounding No.1 antirusting agent and water by 1:5 ; No.2 antirusting agent and water by 1:10; No.3 slot,add into appropriate water; soaking in No.1 slot for 25 minutes for treated material; after drying, put in No.2 slot for 5 minutes; put in No.3 slot for water cleaning,i.e.polishing. Remarks: corrosive performance for No.1, 2 products, wearing glasses and gloves, avoid to enter eye and mouth; 2, repeated usage for working solution, add original liquid; 3, impurity and residue in slot,termly clean away it; 4 , unavailable treatment for working solution: add proper limewater for No.1 to PH7; hydrochloric acid for No.2 to PH 7,i.e.emission.