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Purpose: applied for stainless-steel polishing on luster with high speed and efficiency; provided with current commutating device.
Specializing in surface passivation treatment after spray sand(polishing),obtain blue-spot test standard after passivation, get to International Passivation Standard: QQ-P-35-EMS standard; not containing cleaning effect.
Product Performance:adopting import patent technique for production, domestically first manufacturer??stronger removing function for tainless-steel surface.
It's new chemical cleaning agent according to customer demand??applied for cutting oil or other oil on processing workpiece??clean it with normal cleaning agent??new deoil product for stainless steel.
It's a special formula withour stong acid,applied for aluminium cleaning with safe??fast removal from dirt and oxidation on surface.After cleaning,it still keep brightness on aluminium-alloy surface.
Performance:white agent(cosmetic),stable agent,indissolubility??nonsediment??tasteless??innocuity??applied for aluminium cleaning with safe??fast removal from dirt and oxidation on surface.
Cleaning Passivation Agent for Stainless Steel Demand and Method for Blue-spot Test Technique
Performance??latest chemicals for low-nickel stainless steel(201??202??300??301??430?? 409), made of passivation agent??active agent??antirust agent,applied for passivation treatment with low-nickel stainless steel without pickling effect. Obviously
Performance:adopting imported patent technique,strongly remove black oxidation on surface of heat-pressure seal??transparent??no cumbustion??low corrosion,fast cleaning(30 minutes or so)??thorough elimination,simple operation,good effect(silvery whit
Adopting high-stable materia, it's white??stable agent with indissolubility??nondeposition??nonsulphide??chlorine-ion control??remove black residue/oxidation in welded seam of stainless steel,no corrosion on metal.
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