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Purpose: applied for stainless-steel polishing on luster with high speed and efficiency; provided with current commutating device.
Specializing in surface passivation treatment after spray sand(polishing),obtain blue-spot test standard after passivation, get to International Passivation Standard: QQ-P-35-EMS standard; not containing cleaning effect.
Clean away dirts on surface and yellow, blue, black welded spot after high-temperature processing, get rid of yellow surface on titanium alloy plate; not contain the passivation.
It's new water-cooling solution with nonionic & cation surface active reagent better lubrication and pressure.
Purpose: Widely applied for protective weld and gas cutting to prevent splashing-metal block in spray pipe of welding torch and eletrci-resistance weld.Effectively avoid to form the block from CO2????protective weld??automatic weld??gas cutting mouth
It's a new product on internationally advanced technique,which is beyond foreign product in the same trade. It can prevent from splashing oxidation on welded operation with liquid state.For high temperature,it's specialized welded chemical on mater
Product Performance:adopting import patent technique for production, domestically first manufacturer??stronger removing function for tainless-steel surface.
It's new chemical cleaning agent according to customer demand??applied for cutting oil or other oil on processing workpiece??clean it with normal cleaning agent??new deoil product for stainless steel.
Introduction ??Performance:develop new chemicals for stainless steel mainly for low-nickel stainless steel(201??202??300??301)??composed of passivation agent??retardant corrosive agent??active agent??antirusing agent??applied for antirusting treatme
Feature?? ????One-off pickling and passivation,speed reaction,scrub up,not bring about skewbald spot. ????Strong adhesion, convenient for survey, simple operation
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